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Winter School Holiday booking are open.


A closer look at some of our classes

DEVELOPING YOUR STYLE  Under the guidance of an experienced tutor, you will learn as a class group and individually how to develop your own drawing or painting artworks. This class encourages you to explore your own individual style through discussion and exploration of material and subject matter. No experience required as there will be a permanent still life setup for those who are just beginners and want to try art for the first time or who want to improve their skills. These classes are designed to be inclusive and social and offer a great introduction to art and for those who want to have some fun, whilst going home having learnt something new  At the end of the course, you will have achieved the ability to use your resource material to develop ideas through the exploration of line, value, colour mixing and composition. What materials to bring  • A sketchbook A4 or A3 or sheets of cartridge paper Drawing pencils ranging from 2B to 6B • Charcoal, black and white conte and rubbe

Term 2 Children's classes bookings open


Term 2 Adult Classes bookings open

  VISIT OUR PAGE FOR DETAILS Or go directly to Humanitix to book

Autumn School Holiday Workshops 2022

BOOK @HUMANTIX If you wish to use a Creative Kids Voucher please email us the details  at and we will send you a code to use when booking at Humantix Typically students will paint or draw and sculpt or construct all in one day. They will take home a completed work of art. Classes are limited to 10 participants, allowing us to provide better one-on-one support.  Students should bring a packed lunch. Lunchtime supervision will be provided. 

Term 1 Classes


Events highlights 2021

Despite spending quite a bit of the second half of the year in lockdown we participated in some great events. Kindness Day  The Justice fair Deadly Connections Christmas Party 0